Hello – it’s been a while….

Hello! How have we all been? It’s probably a bit too late to say Happy New Year but I hope you’ve all had a good start to 2019 and managed to survive one of the longest Januarys ever! The start of the year was pretty quiet, and then all of a sudden it got to the the end of January and it was Mr. Wils’s 40th birthday, a friend’s birthday, 3 Robert Burns suppers to be at, an upcoming trip to Valencia and in the blink of an eye it will be March! There will be separate blog posts to follow on all I’ve been up to this last couple of weeks, but let’s kick off with the F word – food!! This year we have decided to do a restaurant challenge of trying food from around the world in alphabetical order. To kick us off with the letter A we have Afghanistan

48 Rue Saint Maur, 75011

It was a quiet, cold and wet Tuesday night and the restaurant was quiet but cosy. The lady serving the food was sooo lovely, bless her and the interior felt almost like an extension of her living room. The menu wasn’t massive, and not so good if you don’t like red meat, but if you do and you enjoy spices and lots of flavour then this is right up your alley and you’re in for a treat!

The meal was absolutely delicious from the first bite through to the last, the spices were really warming but perfectly balanced and I just didn’t want my plate to be empty (my mouth is actually watering as I recall it). If I had to describe it I’d say it’s close to Indian food with a Middle Eastern twist. The service was wonderful and like I said the lady who I believe was the owner was just a beautiful soul, and I’d guess she was well in her 60’s but you could see she was so proud of her restaurant and the food she served was done with so much love. She was so cute with her grey curly hair and glasses and I’m pretty sure she even had her slippers on, and in-between courses she was watching tv programmes on her ipad! But it was freezing outside, the restaurant was quiet and it all just added to the charm. If you’re looking for a winter-warmer and want something spicy (many Indian restaurants in Paris fall short of the mark due to most French people not eating anything more spicy than boiled eggs) then definitely give this little gem a try!

Coming next on the restaurant challenge we have Brasil in a small corner of the 18th arrondissement. In other news to come I took Mr. Wilson to a nice splurgey-restaurant to celebrate his 40th birthday. We have Haggis and Whiskey-a-plenty, and also a couple of weekends away coming up so keep your eyes peeled for the updates and if you don’t want to miss anything then please do subscribe or follow me on instragram @denisewils.

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