Friday Night Dinner with Friends

I love spontaneous nights out as they always turn out to be the best ones. When you don’t expect to be ‘out-out’ and find yourself walking home later than expected, more than a little bit slightly tipsy, and a massive grin on your face from all the belly-laughing (as well as a belly full of incredible food) you know you’ve had a good night out.  45421968_348687049030752_2155865968167878656_n

Nestled in the shadows of the Pantheon in the 5th arrondissement of Paris is the Pub St. Hilaire. This was our meeting point, and our first time trying out the pub.  The drinks were very reasonably priced (5-6 euro a pint) and we stayed here for one or several drinks before stumbling across the road to the restaurant.


The restaurant Godjo is an Ethiopian restaurant. If you’ve never tried Ethiopian food, but you enjoy spice then I’d definitely recommend it. Many people (especially us British Expats) struggle to find good quality spicy food in Paris, and Godjo was just on the right side of mouth tingling, flavourful spice. We all opted for the menu decouverte called Ye Feseg which was an assortment of traditional dishes with meat.  They also do a vegetarian option and you can choose between mild or spicy, I think you can probably guess that we went for the spicy option.


The food is served in one big platter between all, as is the custom in Ethiopia to share your food with your loved ones. It’s also custom to eat with your hands, so it is served with these huge pancake style breads that you just tear off and pick up the food with. I always think of Ben Stiller in Along came Polly 😂🤣 Luckily nothing like that happened to us!!

The restaurant itself was very cosy with sofas and nice cushions, stools and beautiful pieces of art on the walls. If you’ve never eaten Ethiopian food I’d absolutely recommend it. Come with your friends for a very relaxed, casual and fun dining experience.



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